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Author // Dan Walsh

Dear all,

I write to you from a ridiculously warm California - their September is quite different from the one in the UK. It's been great to be finally be here anyway and this seemed a good moment to give you a bit of a tour diary thus far.


So this was quite an experience. I'm not quite sure I can go into the pain of the US visa crisis again so I will simply say see previous blogs for details on that one. Anyway the upshot of it all was my flight itinerary involved arriving into Los Angeles at 2pm and flying from there to San Francisco at 3.35pm. You will see how difficult that is to achieve shortly (I might add not my choice, it was the only option I had left...). Before that though there was the small matter of Heathrow airport and all that and thankfully no big speech about the personal and monetary value of my banjo was needed as I was allowed to carry the banjo on board with no problems. One over priced

New American schedule begins on Thursday!

Author // Dan Walsh

Hey y'all! Trying to get into the whole American I've had a nice couple of days with lovely people to recover from my god awful week of American logistical nightmares and am pleased to give you my new tour schedule in California starting on Thursday. Sorry to folks in Soquel and Willits but sadly these two gigs were unable to be rescheduled. Massive thanks though to Karen and Gregg for rescheduling the shows in Grass Valley and Arcata. So here it is...

17/09 - Jon Berger's, Sebastopol
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18/09 - Great Valley Songwriter Series, Modesto
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19/09 - Red Rock Coffee House, Mountain View

20/09 - Sally Greenberg's, Berkeley
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22/09 - House Concert, Arcata
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23/09 - Open Book, Grass Valley…/dan-walsh-live-house…/970414066314261
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24/09 - Folky Monkey, San Diego

26/09 - San Diego Folk Heritage


US tour news

Author // Dan Walsh

It is with disbelief, misery and serious anger that I have to tell you my starting date in the US for my tour is delayed. I will arrive on the 17th instead of tomorrow and do the schedule as planned from then on and hopefully of the four other gigs one has already been rescheduled and two of the other three can also be rescheduled. I will post on this over the weekend.

So the rant...despite starting the visa process seven months ago, submitting everything needed well ahead of time and ticking all the boxes, the US immigration authorities were running massively behind and took forever to process it all and gave me my necessary approval notice on the 2nd September. I then did the next form the very next morning and then went on the portal to arrange the necessary (and I have to tell you staggeringly pointless) visa interview at the US embassy which is followed by a wait to get your documents (including passport) back.

First available appointment was the day before my flight. I requested an emergency appointment but was refused. I did manage to nab someone's cancelled appointment for yesterday but it still wasn't soon enough. To add insult to injury, the airline have been gits and insisted I select a particular alternative date rather than 'leaving it open' hence my departure on the 17th (oh and they charged me lots of course).

So there you have it. I'm not often a sympathy seeker but given through no fault of my own, I'm out hundreds of pounds, not in the US and forced to cancel/rearrange shows I am looking for it now! This is the price I pay for doing things properly and by the book. Sort it out America. May I thank the gig promoters in the US who have been fantastic in their understanding and help.

So if you see a very grumpy musician in Stafford this weekend buy him a pint, a burger or just give him a hug because he needs it.

Yours grumpily,

Return to the jazzlokal!

Author // Dan Walsh

Dear all,

Well here I am in...the Wetherspoons in Leytonstone, London. Of course I am. Don't worry I'm not doing the early morning drunk thing, just had a reasonably tasty cooked breakfast and catching up with some work. I'm here ahead of my first tour of the US. My flight's on Friday...or is it? Long story. I'll keep everyone posted but I am hoping it will all be fine...

Anyway on a happier note I had a cracking time in Germany with three lovely gigs and lovely as always German audiences. But first up was a very wet gig in Sunderland city centre with the great Alistair Anderson to open up the new square in the city. Always great to play with Alistair and despite the weather we had a good time! So then Germany...first up was a

Service Station Traffic Jam?!

Author // Dan Walsh

Dear all,

Good lord it's been a little while since my last blog hasn't it?! It's been a typically crazy time full of lots of travel and gigs galore. The administrative hellhole of US visas is almost over - my visa has been approved! Cue some frantic planning for a US trip next month (you know...the month that begins in two days time. AAAAHHH!) but I am very excited. Before then I'm off to Germany for a few gigs which will be a blast I'm sure and better still means I get to visit Papa Joe's Jazzlokal in Cologne again (see the archives for more info).

So just where have I been? A little political rambling about Jeremy Corbyn aside I've been quiet on here since the end of July so let me bring you up to speed...The beginning of August brought a first appearance at Cambridge Folk Festival and a whole weekend's festival experience which is something I haven't done for a while. Of course back in the day when I was first gigging and was carless (note that isn't a typo, though careless was probably true as well...) I used to camp at festivals all weekend,