I'd missed trains...

Author // Dan Walsh

Dear all,

I write to you at the beginning of a moderately restful week with no gigs til Saturday though I will of course be filling my time with rehearsals and writing. After my last blog, it was off to London for some Live Music Now work for St Patrick's Day with my mandolin playing chum Nic Zuppardi in a couple of cracking schools. It was a slight surprise to be introduced as an Irish music act as we're not and weren't expecting to be! But of course Irish music was my first love (apart from Graceland...) so we called upon my old repertoire and sang children songs about drinking and in a catholic school we sang a song by a band that is famous for deriding

30mph? Really?

Author // Dan Walsh

Dear all,

It's been all go since my return from New Zealand. I'm just about starting to get over having to leave New Zealand but I have to tell you it's been difficult! I bloody love the place! But I do love my homeland too and it's been good to be back on the road over here. Rest was pretty minimal as UFQ began our tour on the 5th and thanks to my travelling difficulties I didn't get home til very late on the 1st and I was back in rehearsals on the 3rd! Our tour began in Bisley near Stroud and we had a lovely gig there and hats off to my bandmate Paloma who was really suffering after having her appendix out following appendicitus and gallantly got through the gig albeit sat down! Indeed I

Au revoir New Zealand

Author // Dan Walsh

Dear all,

Well here I am at Auckland airport ready to depart for home. I have in fact been ready to depart for some time thanks to the extraordinary cretinousy of Emirates as my flight is delayed by three hours thus buggering up my connection in London so I'm going to be rather late home unfortunately. As you can tell I'm really enjoying hanging about at the airport.

Anyway it does at least give me chance to think of just what a wonderful country I have just spent a month in. I wondered whether it would have that same magic for me as last time and oh my it sure did. I have never felt quite like this at the end of a tour – I'm normally ready to go home and not too fussed about leaving a country even if I've liked the place! But this time I can't deny there is a bit of a tear in my eye about leaving New Zealand. I have met so many wonderful people here and had such

Questionable place names

Author // Dan Walsh

Dear all,

Greetings from a slightly earthquake threatened Christchurch. Yesterday there was quite a tremor here but thankfully no damage done really and I actually wasn't quite here in time anyway. I was here in time for a lovely gig at Christchurch Folk Club last night to a packed house so thanks to you all for coming out, it was good to see such a wide range of ages present. To bring you up to speed, Hamilton was a good night with a cracking openening set by the Rhodes family, a quite ludicrously talented trio of frighteningly young lads with big futures ahead in the music world. Stay tuned! Then it was down to New Plymouth for a delightful gig at 4th Wall Theatre with a very nice crowd

BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Nomination

Author // Dan Walsh

Dear all,

I am delighted and more than a little surprised to be nominated for best musician at this year's BBC Radio 2 folk awards. Very exciting! Do come and celebrate with me in April/May on my annual UK tour. Details below.

26 Apr Bridlington Folk Club, Yorkshire

29 Apr House Concert, Kirkby Fleetham
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30 Apr Ropery Hall, Barton-upon-Humber

01 May Plug and Play, Penrith

04 May Cecil Sharp House, London

06 May Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford

08 May Riverhouse Arts Centre, Walton on Thames (lunchtime show)

12 May Bromsgrove Folk Club

13 May The B Bar, Plymouth

14 May Under The Edge Arts, Wotton-under-Edge

18 May Coronation Hall, Ulverston

19 May House Concert, Edinburgh
Email/message for details

20 May Mining Institute, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

21 May Willow Gallery, Oswestry

25 May The Musician, Leicester

26 May CB2 Cafe Bistro, Cambridge

27 May Hales Club, Market Drayton

28 May Blossoms Gallery, Aberystwyth

29 May Geldeston Locks, Norfolk (afternoon)

29 May The Sunny Sailor, Maldon (evening)
01621 856503

30 May Chester Folk Festival

Thanks everyone :)